Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Relying on Goodwill...

I read the Australian Primary Principal's Association paper, Relying on Goodwill today. Although basically an anecdotal account of 3 different primary schools across Australia, it did reveal some very hard hitting conclusions not the least that more needs to be done to save these children who are at risk! We've all got these kids whether they are labelled or funded but what actually gets done with them? The meager amounts of support make life in the classroom difficult. Learning can and is affected. Teacher stress is high and even experienced teachers can easily feel that they are going under.

The 21st century is throwing up a new batch of kids who are different to the generations before them. More kids suffer anxiety, have speech issues, have dysfunctional families, are babysat by the TV, XBox and Playstation. More kids have issues over obesity, diet, exposure to advertising and unsavoury content through unsupervised use of their computers and TV. As teachers we are trying to deal with these issues.

The school is like the park at the end of the street - it's a safehaven and possibly the most stable environment for most kids, so then allow schools the resources they need. Schools shouldn't have to work inside formulas and budget constraints. What is the value of each child?

If we are to succeed, changes need to occur. Changes in society are critical and especially in the way we treat our children. Until then schools will continue to do what we do best, that is rely on the goodwill of our communities and espcially our teachers.

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"The problem with human societies is not that they aim too high and fail but that they aim too low and succeed!" -Ken Robinson

"There is a global creativity crisis, we are teaching uncreativity.....we should be teaching HOW to learn rather than WHAT to learn.." Tony Buzan

"25% of 5 year olds display enterprising behaviours;
Only 3% of 15 year olds display it ....are we just de-enterpising our students?" Paul Kearney

"We rob our students of enterprise by caring too much - we want to do it for them" Paul Kearney

"Real transformation.. must affect people and cultures far beyond those organisations controlled by government" David Hargreaves

"Learning is a mediated process. It's not good enough just to give students a framework, they need competent professionals."

"The craft of the teacher is to mediate to the students."

Pedagogy + Purpose = Relevant Learning Environments

"If you don't know why you're doing it, learning won't happen"

"Why do you want to make the learning different?"

Creativity is the process of having ideas of original value!

Creativity is the process of having ideas of original value!

Room for All!!

Room for All!!
Great article in the Sun Herald